One-on-One Mentor Coaching

I will help you:

  • Master the Core competencies that the assessor wants to hear
  • Focus on your untapped skills to round out your coaching
  • Identify the recordings to send in with your application

I will guide you throughout the entire process.

The package I’ve developed covers all the elements that are important for you as you apply for your ACC, PCC or MCC and fully satisfies ICF’s requirements to be coached by a mentor coach.

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Group Mentor Coaching for ACC and PCC coaches

I offer mentor coaching groups several times each year to support you in earning your needed hours to renew a credential, or apply to ICF. I hear from many coaches wanting a group option to satisfy needed hours, or to prepare to take an ICF exam.

This group is for you if you are:

  • Renewing your ACC, and need the required 10 hours of mentoring
  • Preparing to apply to ICF for your ACC, or PCC credential
  • Honing your skills in preparation for the Oral exam with ICF

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Real Coaching Sessions Unplugged Program

Have you ever wished you could listen to real coaches, coach real clients?  This program allows you to listen in on masterful coaching and participate in a Q & A with the coach after each session.  Membership is free, but there is an opportunity to earn and purchase ICF CCEUs in the core competencies.

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Deeper Conversations Coaching

Earn CCEUs to renew your ICF credential.  This program offers up to 40 hours of CCEUs – with the option of registering for as few as 3 or as many as 40.  The program is offered twice per year for 10 weeks.  Learn and hone your coaching skills in a relaxed and stimulating format with your coaching colleagues.

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Mentor Coach Certification

Become a Mentor Coach by joining the Mentor Coach Certification Training. Experience an in-depth study and practice to develop your Mentor Coach skills and competencies. Earn your CMC (Certified Mentor Coach) certification. This is a 12 week intensive course for coaches who would like to learn how to mentor other coaches and become certified as mentors.

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Listen to Real Coaching

LEARN THE SECRETS TO BECOME A MASTERFUL COACH! Claim Your Front Row Seat and Listen to some of the Top Leaders in the Coaching Profession! This is your golden opportunity to learn from these amazing coaches.

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Listen, Learn & Earn

An asynchronous approach to earning 10 ICF Core Competency hours.

The Listen to Real Coaching Core Competency Program is a do-it-yourself course that provides you the opportunity to listen to coaching by expert coaches in a time frame that suits your schedule.

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Contact me or give me a call at 503-781-2314

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