Mentor Coaching with Sheri Boone, MCC

You’ve spent many hours training to be a great coach, and coaching your clients. Now you’re ready to take the final steps to your ACC, PCC or MCC, or you are renewing your credential.

Congratulations! I know you are dedicated and committed to achieving the highest credential the profession of coaching offers. You can accelerate the process by working with a mentor coach.

You need an expert in your corner.

You want a mentor who’s not only been coaching, but one who has trained and certified hundreds of coaches and listened to thousands of coaching sessions.

In addition to coaching my own clients, I also train and certify coaches in ICF accredited coach training programs. I am expertly versed in ‘listening for’ all of the ICF core competencies in coaching. My students tell me that they are always amazed at how I’m able to listen so deeply and give them the valuable feedback they love and which serves to boost their coaching even higher.

I am convinced I can be of service to you, and I’m committed to your success!

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