One-on-One Mentor Coaching for MCC candidates

With one-on-one mentor coaching I will help you:

  • Master the Core competencies that the assessor wants to hear
  • Focus on your untapped skills to round out your coaching
  • Identify the recordings to send in with your application

I will guide you throughout the entire process.

The package I’ve developed covers all the elements that are important for you as you apply for your PCC or MCC and fully satisfies ICF’s requirements to be coached by a mentor coach.

I invite you into this 3 – 6 month process where you will get:

  • 10 hours of coaching and mentor coaching
  • Listening together to your recorded coaching sessions (with your client’s permission of course) and giving you crucial feedback, valuable support, and expert coaching and mentoring

You will also learn:

  • How to bring focus and structure to your sessions
  • The importance of the PCC Markers
  • The depth, nuance, rhythm and structure of MCC coaching
  • To deepen the Core competencies showing up within your own unique style
  • Some final questions you’ll want to ask in the session (beyond the ‘requests’) and how to naturally do this in every session

Cost for the complete mentor coaching package ~~ $3000 USD

In addition to being insightful and compassionate, Sheri was able to work with me simultaneously on two levels: (1) deepening my skill and expertise and (2) helping me stand on a solid foundation of confidence and self-appreciation.
~ Sandye Brown, MCC

Sheri Boone is a masterful coach of coaches. She knows how to graciously come alongside smarty pants veterans to help them to both raise and deepen their standards of coaching. With equal measures of kindness and clarity she gives specific insight into both strengths and blind spots. Her name is going onto my referral list.
~ Patricia Burgin, MA, MCC, The SeattleCoach Professional Training Program

Sheri was integral in helping me take my coaching to the next level and ultimately to achieving MCC status with ICF. She consistently demonstrated the depth of listening and observation that could only come from a master coach. A very valuable experience!
~ Barrett McBride, Ph.D, MCC.

Finding exceptional guidance to enhance my confidence in receiving the ICF MCC credential was my absolute goal. Sheri’s coach mentoring service was the incredible support that I engaged which exceeded all of my expectations. Laser sharp, Sheri always provided specific feedback and actionable suggestions to optimize my coaching approach and techniques. Working with her was a transformational experience for both my certification aspirations and coaching practice.

Sheri’s deep insights were offered from her vast coaching experiences and her gifted heart. It was invaluable to receive mentoring guidance based upon her incredible knowledge of ICF competencies and assessment criteria. My absolute goal was accomplished; I achieved my MCC credential first time around. No doubt, Sheri’s mentoring excellence made the difference!”
~ Josephine Washington, M.Ed., MCC


“It has been a great pleasure and a great experience for me to have had Sheri Boone as a Mentor Coach in my MCC application.

She has everything you could ask from a Mentor Coach on the higher levels. A great listener, a great ability to make you aware of your coaching and the required level of competencies, and the ability to help you grow as a coach.

I can say Sheri has been one of the key elements in my evolution as a coach.”   ~  Gorka Bartolomé, MCC

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