RCSU Nadja Talpaert

nadja-talpaert1Nadja is Master Certified Coach with over 13 years of experience in executive and business coaching. She holds a degree in communication and in business economics. She is a master in neurolinguistic programming (NLP), a certified Stress & Burn-out Coach, and graduate in Transformational Presence Leadership and Coaching.

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Since she established Notice the Difference! with her business partner Katrien Rommens in 2010, she is dedicated to coaching her managerial and executive clients on being an authentic leader and facilitating their transformation within. Nadja’s own personal career, both in business and HR, allows her to immerse herself easily in a variety of business environments and issues.

One of her strongest beliefs is that every passing moment holds the opportunity to make a change in your life and that everyone has the key within to do so. “Sometimes however you might benefit from a professional challenger who nails down and accelerates the tipping point.”

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