Tess Pierson, PCC

tess-pierson1Tess Pierson
Professional Certified Coach, PCC
Certified Pro EFT™ Master Practitioner, CPMP
Certified NLP Coach, Certified Mentor Coach
CEO and Director of Training PEI

Tess is a serial entrepreneur, and has been in just about every business she could think of, starting at age 9 when she persuaded the local newspaper to give her a paper route. She calls it short attention span theater, as she (usually) enjoys the gifts of ADHD. A business + executive coach since 2002, she brings a breadth of experience and knowledge to her classroom work, connecting new ideas to specific experiences, systems dynamics, and creating custom systems around the strange + frustrating challenges that being in business as a solopreneur | entrepreneur so often bring.

Almost 20 years ago, Tess went in search for something that would help make better sense out of this thing called life. She began with NLP, and swiftly moved on to Hellinger, EFT, Progressive EFT™, and Matrix Reimprinting, among others. It wasn’t until she worked with a formally trained coach that she realized she’d been calling herself a coach while acting as a consultant—and noticed the resulting communication barrier in her client work. So formal coach training was added into the mix, and that whole idea of co-creating with a client translated to freedom and just plain fun.

Tess is a trainer of trainers, currently puts the training programs together at the Pro EFT™ Institute, and both trains and mentors students in the annual CPTP program. She has more than 6000 hours as a professional coach, co-creating with clients, and training students. Tess coaches and trains using the 11 Core Competencies as outlined by the International Coaching Federation, and is a member of the ICF, EMCC, and IAC.

Tess is a dynamic speaker, getting into the spirit of things and keeping her audience engaged. She has a way of explaining/breaking down tricky things so they sound easy (according to her students) and very much speaks to the common experience, the quotidian grind if you will. Yes, she does indeed like to read—and also likes using big words like quotidian. She finds humor is the great equalizer, and refuses to take herself seriously. Currently she is working on her first book, which—fingers crossed—should  be published late 2018.


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