Tammy Turner

tammy-turner-photoTammy has worked as a coaching professional since 2001, directly supporting individuals’ growth in a coaching context as well as designing and teaching coaching-centred programs. She is ranked in the top 3% of the International Coach Federation’s 23,000 global members as a Master Certified Coach (MCC). She gives back to the coaching community through active involvement as a non-executive board member of both the ICF and the Australian Association of Supervisors.

Professional Philosophy and Experience
Tammy Turner is the Director, Professional Standards’ ICF Australia, a Master Certified Coach and one of the only qualified Coaching Supervisors in Asia Pacific. She is committed to coaching becoming a reputable, self-regulating profession that adds compelling value to both its coaches and the people whom they support. One of her core values is reciprocity, so she is giving back to the coaching profession as a coach supervisor and trainer since 2007 for all the support she’s received since becoming a full time coach in 2001.

One way she does this is through demonstrating coaching and supervision. She has worked with a few universities, training organizations and other special interest groups to highlight what coaching is and is not, the differences between mentoring and supervision and bringing coaching from behind closed doors and into the open. Her hope is to help coaches keep coaching fresh for both the experienced coach and growing newer coach to go beyond their limitations for sustainable results.

As a coaching supervisor, mentor and trainer Tammy teaches and attends to coaching development. Through supervising internal and external coaches, teaching coaches and coaching leaders internationally, she has added to their capabilities and increased both their confidence and reflective practice.

Tammy is also a board member for the Australian Association of Supervisors, Member, Institute of Coaching Professional Association (ICPA) a Harvard Medical School Affiliate and Association of Coaching Supervisors (AOCS). She has over 5,000 hours of client facing coaching hours including individual, team, group and cultural change initiatives.  Another of her core values is love of learning and she has over 1,000 hours of coach specific training. She has had consistent supervision throughout her coaching career.

Contact Tammy:

+61 409553558

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