Steve Hendon, PCC

steve-hendon1Steve Hendon is a veteran in the world of small business, having spent 40 years in sales, sales management, marketing, team building, and training. He received his Certified Professional Coach training from International Coach Academy in 2008 and is certified by the International Coach Federation as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC). Steve is also a certified Strategic Attraction Coach and is certified to administer and interpret the DISC Behavior & Motivator assessment.

Steve is a business and executive coach and founded his company, Practice To Business, in 2008. He works with legal, health care, and financial professionals in solo and small practices. His clients love what they do, but aren’t seeing the personal growth and business development that they work so hard for.

So many professionals and business owners focus all of their attention on the pillars of successful business such as branding, sales, marketing, finance, leadership, and strategic planning. Often the bedrock that supports those pillars is ignored. Steve partners with his clients to help them explore and understand how their greatest gifts can provide new perspectives and options that can be used to achieve personal and professional excellence.

In his local community, Steve facilitates the monthly Competitive Edge Business Forum and helped organize the Youth Entrepreneur Partnership (YEP) an 18 week program for young entrepreneurs. He wrote the curriculum manual and teaches in the 18-week course.


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