RCSU Sara Arbel

sara-arbel1Sara’s professional mission is to apply over 30 years of coach consultancy experience to empower the business leaders that drive innovation, teamwork and management.

A Master Certified Coach, she is the founder of the coaching profession in Israel, the founding president of ICF in Israel and faculty leader at Coach University in the United States.

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Sara is a Marketing – Corporate image design – Communication and Consumers Psychology Expert.

Sara believes that the measure of our success is our passion to leave a mark. The “Who we are” and “Who we are becoming” is the process of achieving that goal. As possibilities become realities, we can build a well-balanced, strong and sustainable life/career and business foundation.

“Ours is a fast-moving world. The challenges leaders must face require much more than knowledge. Personality in its broadest sense is what navigates and motivates. Leaders must nurture the individual and the team; creativity and discipline. Each individual in the organization, today, is an asset. At the same time, the individual must be part of team that aspires.”

“For me, interactively partnering with my clients so that they can grow and evolve, making the most of their potential is the most rewarding experience I can imagine.”

“I am proud that my vision and methodology is contributing to such companies as Microsoft, Intel, T.A.U, Fundtech, Weizman Institute, Bloomberg, telecommunication industries, media, law firms and many more.”

Before her coaching career, Sara owned 2 companies that employed 73 people. One company was a Corporate Image Design Consultancy; the other was in production of all marketing tools from adverts, to International trade fairs.

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+ 972-3-6483690

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