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diana-ackerley1Research shows that more than technical skills or intelligence – soft skills have a greater impact than anything else on business success. Engaging in clear standards, sharing information that others need, learning how to give and receive feedback, navigating difficult conversations, viewing working relationships as long-term, using we instead of I, understanding your blind spots, knowing your biases and beliefs, understanding your assumptions and where your conclusions come from all contribute to valuable leadership competencies and outstanding business presence.

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I bridge the knowledge between neuroscience and behavioral psychology. Since 1987 I have been working with high achievers who are Lawyers, Physicians. Business Owners, IT Professionals, Nurses, Teachers, Entrepreneurs, Professors, Writers, Finance Officers, Managers, Directors and more. My background as a Licensed Psychologist (Ph.D.), Coach Certification (ACPEC) through the College of Executive Coaching, training in Brain-Based Coaching (NeuroLeadership Intstitute) and training as an Enhanced Skills Coach in Conversational Intelligence allows me to offer a coaching experience that transforms performance and leads to innovation and success.

Areas of Expertise:
• Strategic Reasoning
• Employee Issues
• Conflict Resolution
• Peak Performance Skills
• Navigating Conversations
• Engagement
• Instinct
• Learning Agility
• Collaboration

I am a dynamic change agent who facilitates strategy and behavior change based on neuroscience, new and innovative frameworks using powerful questions and tools to take action and accelerate success. Over the years I have been a thought partner to many individuals, professionals in many industries, entrepreneurs and business owners.

I carry designations as a Certified Mentor Coach (CMC) and Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation and am currently President of International Coach Federation – Connecticut Chapter.

Dr. Ackerley lives in Norwalk, Connecticut and serves clients nationally. She can be reached through email at drackerley@gmail.com or by phone at 203-500-5043

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