RCSU Helen Attridge

helen-attridge1Founder and President of Academy of Coaching & NLP, Global Leadership Coach, Master Certified Coach, NLP Master Practitioner

Helen is a 20-year veteran of the coach training and leadership development field. At the Academy of Leadership Coaching & NLP, Helen trains students in all aspects of coaching— from business coaching to executive and leadership coaching—helping coaches from around the world achieve their visions and dreams. She also works with entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and leaders from diverse fields of industry on achieving next-level growth and wide-ranging positive change.

Helen took over the NLP Coach Training Program from the NLP Institute of California in 2009. Since then, she has built the company to match her vision of an international coach training program that gives students the highest ICF credentials and combines ICF’s pure coaching model with powerful NLP coaching techniques. ALCN also offer’s leadership development programs and customized coach training programs for companies wishing to build a coaching culture.

Helen herself is credentialed by the ICF as a Master Certified Coach, a level of skill and experience shared by only 1 percent of coaches worldwide. In her private coaching practice Helen currently works with leaders from around the globe who are seeking accelerated personal and professional growth. Prior to becoming President of ALCN, Helen was the Graduate Director and a Coach for the Hoffman Institute and an International Trainer for the NLP Institute of California. She trained in the tools and technologies developed by Tony Robbins and was a Master Results Coach for the Anthony Robbins Company, coaching CEOs and executives internationally.

Helen presents on NLP and Leadership at Stanford Graduate School of Business and at Peking University Platform in Beijing. She has facilitated coach training programs and leadership development programs around the world and is a featured author in the book Ready, Aim, Influence, an international bestseller in the top 10 of Amazon’s Hot Releases in the Business & Investing section.

Born and raised in Ireland, she has traveled extensively and worked her way through Europe, the Middle East, North America, Central America, Asia, and Australia.
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