RCSU Patricia Burgin

patricia-burgin1As a leader and coach of leaders, Patty has advised and mentored thousands of individuals and teams toward better performance, communication and meaning. In 2008 she launched The SeattleCoach Training Program for people who see coaching as an extra–and increasingly essential–gear in their leadership.

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With two masters degrees, one in Theology and a second in Applied Behavioral Science, and as a Professional Certified Coach, Patty works with senior level executives, directors, managers, people in transition and aspiring professional coaches with an approach that is warm, practical, innovative and generous. The first two chapters of her career (the first in the executive leadership of an international Christian non-profit, and following that as a licensed family/systems therapist) deeply inform the depth and quality of her work now. As Patty likes to say, “Those terrific chapters are not just behind me, they are part of me”.

Her faith still deeply informs her life and work, helping her to live the big “why-am-I-here question” we all share through the arc of our lives. She thinks excellent coaching is like grace: Rarely intrusive, usually disruptive, more nuanced than announced, and just as much about “how” as “what.”

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