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anne_kelly1Anne Kelly, PCC, MCILF  – Frederick, MD USA

Anne was a pretty good Leadership Development instructor and coach between 1992 and 2005. Pretty good morphed into masterful when Anne experienced “the most effective learning process in the world” during Coach for Life training in May, 2005. The Inspired Learning Principles continue to have a profound effect on how Anne designs and delivers training and coaching.

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It’s wonderfully freeing to inspire a group of adult learners without having to have all of the answers! Whether facilitating a meeting, providing mandatory training or coaching to competencies, her absolute knowledge that the coachee/learner knows what is best for them drives every aspect of Anne’s vocation.

After experiencing the Inspired Learning Model™ in 2005 Anne was so impressed with its accelerated learning and safe environment that she earned two certifications in the Model and creates this safe and celebratory environment in all of her work. Anne is one of ten Master Certified Inspired Learning Facilitators™ in the US.

How Anne’s clients describe her coaching style

“Anne is calm, insightful and deeply supportive. She has a great ability to hold the space for the coachee to think, reflect and have insights, and she provides steady guidance over the duration of the engagement, yet always keeps the coachee in the driver’s seat.”
 “You do a masterful job of establishing trust and intimacy; your presence creates a safe space for sharing. Thank you for all you do to keep self-care and spirit connection at the forefront.  You are a warm ray of light and a steady pair of hands on your clients’ shoulders.”
“Every time you speak, there is a sense of confidence and sure-footedness to your words that really evokes a leaderly, guiding hand. You see the bottom line and speak to it. It’s who you are.  It’s how you clear the dust!”

Areas of expertise

  • Creator of The Synchronicity Mirror©
  • Certified to administer and interpret the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®), Team Dimension Profile, 360-degree assessment, Change and Transition training, Leadership Education and Development Trainer, and a Certified Business Process Improvement Instructor since 1992
  • Creation of a safe and celebratory environment, classroom to life transition, Coaching to Competency


Favorite Clients
Anne works with employees, teams, leaders and individuals. Her favorites are those with a sense of humor about themselves and about life. An understanding of the Law of Attraction (“Thoughts become things – choose good ones”) gives Anne’s clients a jump start toward achievement of goals.

www.ANewLeafCoaching.com, (301) 693-9580
LinkedIn  http://www.linkedin.com/pub/anne-kelly/6/722/508/
Skype: Anne.Kelly1793

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