RCSU Prabha Chandrasekhar, PCC

Currently Prabha is faculty and Mentor Coach with inviteCHANGE, Edmonds, Seattle. Here she is involved in coach training and mentoring with a focus on Transformational coaching. Prabha is Associate Transition Coach with Coach in a Box, UK. Her clients at Coach in a Box are leadership and high potential individuals from North America Corporate Sector. She is also a Senior Associate with Dean Foster, Cross Culture training and coaching company whose clients are expats and their families working and living in different cultures.

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In 2008 Prabha joined International Coach Academy, a coach training school. In addition to leading classes, she is also a supervisor coach and supported the CEO to restructure curriculum when heading Training.

Prabha started her coaching career in 2001 as a Cross Culture coach with Global Adjustments, India, a relocation company. Prior to Cross Culture coaching Prabha did a brief stint as a Counselor and what she experienced motivated her to explore a more transformational approach to support these clients. She got her Professional Coaching certification from the International Coach Academy and is an International Coach Federation credentialed coach.

Prabha believes that change and transitions are important growth paths. How well an individual adapts and converts these into learning opportunities, determines their success as leaders. Her philosophy is to empower her client, partner them to understand and discover their strengths, make the right choices and move towards their goal. Her coaching is transformational coaching and it is based on the approaches of Cognitive Behavior Coaching and Emotional Intelligence.

Phone: +1.773.857.0336

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