Prabha Chandrasekhar

Prabha Chandrasekhar brings her experience of the last 16 years as a Leadership Coach and Course Leader, with inviteCHANGE and International Coach Academy. As Course Leader one of her focus areas was to create a deeper understanding of the ICF Core Competencies and the ICF Code of Ethics. Prabha is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) credentialed by the ICF. Her Coaching certification was from the International Coach Academy.

Aligning with her passion to Coaching Prabha includes Mentor Coaching to her portfolio. She partners with other coaches who want to achieve their next level of credentials or want to take their Coaching to the next level.

Another hat that Prabha wears is that of a Leadership and Executive Coach associated with Coach in a Box. This role has provided the opportunity for Prabha to familiarize herself with several 360 and personality assessment tools.

What anchors Prabha to her coaching is the belief that every individual is unique and has the potential to achieve his or her goals. Walking with other Coaches to be their best and enabling leaders to tap into this potential and leveraging it to lead themselves and others is a driver for Prabha. The process she follows is a simple path, from awareness, clarity, alignment, action, to results.

Phone: +1.773.857.0336

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