Pedro Pinto

Pedro Pinto is a Certified Executive Coach; he supports C-Level individuals and Managers to overcome their roadblocks, balancing their personal and professional lives while becoming the most effective in their companies, and their teams.

He focuses on leadership skills, people skills, high-performance, business strategy, and behavior/cultural transformation.

With a solid 17+ years in the corporate world as a CIO, he understands the hurdles of how to navigate across a company, its areas, and teams.

Having an IT, Digital Marketing, Master in Neuropsychology, MBA, and having a solution-focused mindset, he can support, facilitate, and provide solutions in an integrated way achieving the best possible outcome/scenario.

Pedro is an International Coach Federation member, Professional Certified Coach, always striving to develop himself. Moreover, he has a strong connection with the US, namely Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York.

His love for languages – he speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese (European Portuguese and Brazillian Portuguese), French and Italian – and worldwide cultures allow him to have a global perspective of the world and better understand his clients.

Pedro uses his free time focusing on his self-development, international economy and politics (US, Canada, and UK), reading, meditation – Mindfulness, and Reiki -, traveling and connecting with friends from all over the world.


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