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You’re gonna love this coaching session! Get ready to be inspired!

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Please enjoy this magnificent coaching by Wynne Miller, MCC — our gift to you.

Sheri Boone, MCC and Jamee Tenzer, PCC

wynne-miller1Wynne Miller, MCC
Wynne served as one of the earliest assessors for ICF, credentialing individual coaches and accrediting training institutions. She also coaches annualy at the Simmons Leadership Conference and the Massachusetts Conference for Women. She was recruited as the sole American on an international team of coaches for a leadership effort at KLM Airlines and Swisscargo; was the first director of human development for ColorAge, a Massachusetts software company; and has served as guest facilitator for the Authentic Leadership segment of Wharton’s Advanced Management Program

Wynne has continued to thrive on professional learning (both traditional and leading edge), personal development, and an annual challenge such as skydiving, a solo retreat, or a mule ride down the Grand Canyon.

She can be reached at wynne@win-coaching.com

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