Nicky McClusky, M.A., M.A., PCC, BCC, CTPC

Nicky McClusky photoNicki is a transformational voice and speaking coach who assists her clients to transform their voices on the inside and outside so that they may manifest their greatest potential in life.   Nicki coaches professionals and entrepreneurs throughout the world to transform their Gremlin voices and energies into internal voices of powerful self-advocacy and magnificent self-talk; clients are then enabled to become authentic, compelling speakers through their external voices as well.

Nicki’s clients are welcomed into a deeply caring, joyful and transformative space where they feel both exceptionally understood and powerfully supported to create that which they envision for themselves—soaring way beyond their original coaching goals.

As a burgeoning thought-leader in the world of professional coaching, Nicki has done ground-breaking work in the area of Gremlin/self-talk transformation, offering three signature coaching programs to clients:

  • Find Your Voice:  An Introduction to Vocal Basics and the Voice of Your Soul
  • A Spiritually-Based Coaching Program for Women on Weight and Loss
  • Permanent, Magnificent Self-Talk:  Transforming your Gremlin Voices, Once and for All


  • You Have A Self
  • The Joy Factor
  • Find Your Voice:  An Introduction to Vocal Basics and the Voice of Your Soul
  • Magnificent Coaches Use Acknowledgment, Not Criticism
  • Reach Higher I, Unique Lessons in Citizenship
  • Reach Higher II, Energy and Change
  • Reach Higher III, Meditations for You
  • Unplug the Judge
  • A Power Tool for Life:  Staying Stuck in Unconsciously Accepted Concepts Vs. Working Through Them
  • When You Are Too Hard on Yourself:  Change Your Voices from the Inside Out

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