Nancy Olson

nancy-olson1Nancy L. Olson, MA, PCC is committed to partnering with others to become the very best – parent . employee . entrepreneur . artist . partner . individual – they can be.

With 35 years of experience as a parent, therapist, coach, supervisor, entrepreneur, facilitator and trainer, she knows the challenges of living an intentional life and the value of collaborative, trustworthy relationships.

Nancy sees each client as resourceful, creative and whole.  Coaching clients often desire a richer, fuller life – not just for themselves, but for the impact they can have on truly making the world a better place.  To this coaching process Nancy brings a deep respect for the process of growth and change; a steadfast spirit; compassion for the journey; and a sense of humor.

Nancy received her Masters Degree in Clinical Counseling with an emphasis on psychodynamic and family systems theories and techniques. In addition she has received training in positive psychology, group process, organizational development, conflict resolution, diversity, communications, and spiritual development.  Her coach certification training has been through the International Coach Academy and Mentor Coach. She is a member of the International Coach Federation and credentialed as a Professional Certified Coach.

Franklin, Indiana, USA

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