Mirella De Civita

mirella-de-civita1Dr. Mirella De Civita is the President of Papillon MDC Inc., a management-based consultancy firm specializing in leadership development. She holds a PhD. in psychology and a postdoctoral fellowship in behavioral medicine. She is a licensed clinical research psychologist, with expertise in the area of psychopathology, risk & resilience, behavioral medicine, and treatment adherence. She is also an ICF Professional Certified Coach. She works with senior executives from middle- to large-sized organizations around the world, facilitating their journey toward the realization of their potential. She is passionate about her role as a mentor in the McGill MBA Mentoring Program and as an intern supervisor for graduate students in psychology. Through Papillon MDC Inc., she spearheads its Corporate Social Responsibility mandate where the focus is on helping students and NPOs transform and take flight!

Her unique and insightful approach, coupled with extensive knowledge and training in clinical psychology allow her to quickly and skillfully discern the client’s story line (what is said) from the root causes of their challenges (what is not said). The manner in which she builds rapport and trust is predicated on her belief that people own the inner skills to work through their challenges. All they require is acceptance and encouragement to re-discover the power that lies within.

Email: mirella@papillonmdc.ca
URL: www.papillonmdc.ca

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