Marsha Prospere, PCC

Marsha Prospere, PCC

Marsha, Founder and Certified Executive Coach of Adept Flow, partners with founders, creative executives, and innovators to support their development and culture. Her vision and mission is to positively impact the world one human at a time by creating a brave space for contemplation, experimentation, & revolutionary change. Curiosity, Creativity, Connection, Engagement, and Growth are values that support this vision and mission.

Through coaching and advising, Marsha guides her clients in navigating transition, expanding their leadership capabilities, and developing a culture that supports growth and scale without sacrificing the human. Her method and technique provoke thought in an open, trusting, and safe space. Clients consistently report that after partnering with Marsha, they have an increase in clarity, performance, and overall fulfillment.

Marsha is an ardent champion of coaching and its positive impact. In 2022, she became a Certified Mentor Coach and provides guidance and support to development enthusiasts looking to become a coach and existing coaches looking to improve their skillset or uplevel their coaching certification.

Marsha leads the Rutgers University OneRED Leadership High-Impact Program for high-potential leaders and her expertise includes coaching, creating and facilitating training programs, and developing culture and teams.

Some interesting facts about Marsha: she’s climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, and enjoys traveling, hiking, and spending time with family and friends.

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