Gretchen Pisano, MCC

Gretchen Pisano’s warmth and generosity light up the room. She conveys passion for fundamentally changing the way people work and lead. As a positivity catalyzer, brainy synthesizer, and systems architect, Gretchen’s methods empower leaders to nimbly adapt to the rapidly-shifting realities of modern business. Her clients report greater self-awareness and confidence as well as bolstered organizational strength and better business outcomes.

In presenting pLink Leadership® programs around the world, Gretchen leverages her 25 years of experience as a strategic consultant working with senior leaders and their teams across several industries. She has a proven track record of unleashing untapped leader potential to scale engagement, revenue, and impact for their organizations. Steeped in behavioral science and positive psychology, Gretchen combines her business acumen with her academic background to form the cornerstone of pLink Leadership. She’s a principal contributor to the signature, best-in-business approaches developed at pLink to meet the next generation of leadership challenges.

Gretchen is the mother of three—one grown and twins still in the nest—and makes her home with her husband in Maryland. A former wrangler, Gretchen now prefers to spend time in nature with her two dogs, Hoover and Charlie.

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