Giuseppe Totino, MCC


Giuseppe provides Professional Coaching Services, Training, Facilitation and Mediation services. He works independently or with trusted business partners.

Giuseppe delivers executive/leadership coaching to Top and Middle Leaders to move from subject matter savvy to people performance expert; and to Emerging Leaders to support moves towards new leadership styles and career progression. As a certified nutrition coach he works also on nutrition to turn good intentions into habits.

Giuseppe also designs and delivers Change training programs, and teaches Leadership, Coaching, and Communication & Conflict Management to Leaders, University students, and in workshops and classes internationally.

Over the past 10 years he worked with more than 1000 top executives, middle managers, emerging leaders and teams coming from around the world. He lived in and travelled 4 continents to deliver more than 2500h of coaching and innumerable hours of training & facilitation in English, Spanish, Italian and French.

He recently moved from Europe to live in the USA. He is addicted to tango.


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