Dorothy Siminovitch, Ph.D., MCC

dorothy-siminovitch1Dorothy Siminovitch, Ph.D., MCC

ICF Master Credentialed Coach, Leadership, Team & Organizational Coach, Speaker, Mentor Coach and Author.

Specialties: Assisting peak performance, mobilization towards innovation, enhancing one’s signature presence, teaching competencies for group leadership, and supporting practices that enhance personal mastery. Dorothy  promotes optimism as the essential, professional mood for success. She  uses Gestalt theory and awareness process tools to assist personal, professional development at the individual(s), group(s) and organizational level. Additional best practices from neuroscience and mindfulness strategies are used to help executive clients find greater innovation, resilience, grounded presence and more choice-full use of self. As a pioneer of Gestalt coaching, Dorothy has served professional coaching boards, which called for her stewardship by inviting her knowledge about qualities of excellence in teaching and ethical practice.
In this past year, achievements have included the publishing of “ A Gestalt Coaching Primer: A Path Toward awareness IQ (available on Amazon) and  co-authorship of the Leadership Awareness 20/20  feedback development tool. Dorothy is honored  for the chance to be in this “Coaching Unplugged” webinar with you all.


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