Deeper Conversations Program


This program has been a great experience, full of learning, new insight, and exposure to other skilled coaches’ styles and techniques. I’m extremely pleased that I chose Deeper Conversations to earn my CCEU’s.”

~Mary T. Miller, PCC

Great to have the input/ideas/perspectives of mentor coaches each of whom I find highly credible as mentors, articulate, endorsing, nimble, and in other ways excellent. I am also greatly enjoying that you are new to me – refreshing new voices. Also great to revisit the coaching competencies – haven’t reviewed them in a long time and meanwhile my coaching has been evolving in its own way, so the review functions kind of as a reality check and opportunity to ask, ‘How am I doing, how am I still honoring the basics, where could I do some fine tuning?

~Sharon Teitelbaum, MCC

At last I have found the place I can come to hear live, high-level coaching that expands my thinking about my own possibilities! Thank you SO much for providing this opportunity to learn and grow. Just one call, and I can already feel the value this brings to my own practice.

~Martha Newman, J.D., PCC
Sheri Boone and Jamee Tenzer photos

Is there an easy way to earn the CCEUs YOU need in time to renew your ICF Credential by December 31, 2015?

The answer is YES! The Deeper Conversations Coaching Program offers YOU the chance to earn up to 40 CCEUs (30 Core Competencies and 10 Resource Development) in plenty of time to renew your ICF Credential by December 2015. Participate with other coaches just like you and take an in-depth look at some of the powerful ICF Core Competencies from a new and deeper perspective. You will also have the opportunity to coach and receive mentoring from our expert facilitators to move your coaching skill to a new level of expertise.

With Experienced Mentor Coaches:
Sheri Boone, MCC, and Jamee Tenzer, PCC

Joining Sheri and Jamee as Facilitators of the Tuesday/Thursday section of the Deeper Conversations Program are: Anne Kelly, PCC and Prabha Chandrasekhar, MCC. We are so pleased to have them!


Do you ever feel like everyone else understands the ICF Core Competencies, and you are still trying to figure them out? The truth is that it is an endless journey of discovery and conversation and you can earn CCEUs while you are on the journey.

  • What does it mean to be present when coaching?
  • What strategies can you implement to help you build your ability to get and stay present?
  • “Dancing in the moment?” What does that feel like?
  • Learn how to “go with your gut” and use your intuition.

This teleclass series is for coaches who are ready to go to a deeper level of understanding and awareness in their coaching, plus add some new skills to their tool kits.

Jonathan Ward width=I appreciated the opportunity to take this course by phone in a compressed period of time. Carving out 90 minutes twice a week for a couple of months was much easier than I anticipated. I feel I got more than my money’s worth from the program. The diversity of backgrounds in the class, especially having non-US participants, was a definite plus. The opportunity to coach and receive feedback from the other participants was very valuable as well. WELL DONE!!! I’m deeply gratified for Deeper Conversations!

~Jonathan H. Ward, PCC

Kathleen FeeIn my journey to renew my ACC, I had the pleasure of attending the Deeper Conversations continuing education series, and working one on one with both Jamee and Sheri in mentor coaching. What a gift. Deeper Conversations brought me a greater understanding and appreciation of the ICF Core Competencies, while allowing me to observe and interact with other coaches of varying levels. The sacred space was filled with opportunities to learn, teach, and grow. The mentor coaching by both Jamee and Sheri has been invaluable. I have strengthened and improved my coaching skills under their guidance, and have gained confidence. I highly recommend both the Deeper Conversations class and Jamee and Sheri as mentor coaches. Thank you both!

~Kathleen Fee, ACC

In the Deeper Conversations Series, you are going to discover:

green check A One Stop Shopping solution to earning 40 CCEUs in time to renew your ICF Credential by December 31, 2015.
green check An opportunity to coach and put your new knowledge into practice with a Mentor Coach listening and providing positive and helpful feedback.
green check Conversations designed to delve deeply into the ICF Core Competencies concepts.
green check An opportunity to listen to other experienced coaches and gain insights and new perspectives through their example.
green check How to move your coaching to a new level of expertise.

And, the program is designed with ultimate flexibility allowing you to register for a minimum of 3 hours/CCEUs, up to the full 40 hours/CCEUs required for your ICF credential renewal. See below for the list of prices.

This is a wonderful way to sharpen your coaching skills and earn just-in-time CCEUs from the comfort of home!”

~Joan Wangler, MCC

Participating in Deeper Conversations with MCC Mentor Coach provided me a wonderful, rich opportunity to refresh my coaching skills. Jamee Tenzer and Sheri Boone are both awesome, skilled mentors, facilitators and coaches! They consistently created a safe place that facilitated coaching learning and skill practice. I highly recommend this program to coaches who want to take their coaching to the next level!

~Denise Shields, PH.D.

Benefits (of the Deeper Conversations Course) have been many. Connection to myself as a coach and to my commitment to my profession and my future clients. Being connected to other coaches all around the globe. Connecting to others in this community of coaching that reassures me there are others with similar values and intentions. Keeping in good practice and a terrific opportunity to keep learning and stretching and growing. Thank you.

~Julie Cusmariu

Deeper Conversations Coaching is your One Stop Shopping solution to renewing your ICF Credential with ease. Would you like to learn more about what it means to hold a space of unconditional acceptance for a client who holds different values than you do? What if you could gain more confidence and expertise with allowing silence and space for your clients’ processes? Would you like an opportunity to learn and grow through sharing with your fellow participant coaches? As mentor coaches and trainers for thousands of coaches over the past 12 years, we have experience that we would like to share with you.

The Program is delivered in 2 sessions per week. The first session will focus on a discussion around a Core Competency as listed below. The second session will offer active coaching in a practicum setting. Participant coaches will have the opportunity to coach and be coached, and receive supportive and positive feedback from the facilitators.**

The series starts the week of September 14 and completes the week of November 16, 2015. There are two options:

Option One: Mondays and Wednesdays for 1.5 hours starting at 2:00 pm Eastern // 11:00 am Pacific. Click here to register

Option Two: Tuesdays and Thursdays for 1.5 hours starting at 8:00 am Eastern // 5:00 am Pacific. Click here to register

We offer multiple pricing options depending on whether you need all your CCEUs or just some of them.

**In this course you can earn up to 30 CCEUs in the Core Competencies by attending the classes live. Earn an additional 10 CCEUs in Resource Development by listening to coaching practicum audios at your convenience.

40 hours $997
36 hours $947
33 hours $897
30 hours $847
27 hours $797
24 hours $697
21 hours $647
18 hours $597
15 hours $497
12 hours $447
9 hours $347
6 hours $297
3 hours $200

Class Syllabus

Week one — Establishing Trust and Intimacy
Week two — Meeting Ethical Guidelines and Professional Standards
Week three — Coaching Presence 1
Week four — Coaching Presence 2
Week five — Active Listening
Week six — Powerful Questioning
Week seven — Creating Awareness 1
Week eight — Creating Awareness 2
Week nine — Managing Progress and Accountability
Week ten — ICF Core Competency Review

The Deeper Conversations Coaching Program is an invaluable opportunity to expand, enrich and deepen yourself and your skills as a coach. Expertly structured to be a secure space to learn, relearn or refresh the core competencies of coaching. Not only was this class beneficial for me as a coach but it was also enriching on a personal level. This is an investment worthy of making on a personal and professional level. The instructors are highly skilled, professional, and motivated to facilitate the goals toward your success.

~Lori Tolson, CPC

Your Course Facilitators:

Sheri Boone, MCC

Sheri is a Master Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation, a trainer, facilitator, co-author of Pause: 52 Ways to Shift Any Outcome in Less Than a Minute, co-creator of the Deeper Conversations Coaching Course, and Real Coaching Sessions Unplugged. She is the Chief Coaching Officer for her leadership development company, Inspired Mastery. Sheri served for 6+ years as the Global Training Manager for the International Coach Academy and currently serves as Director of Training for the Center for Executive Coaching. Sheri’s passion is guiding and mentoring coaches through certification and credentialing. Coaching for 15 years in private practice, Sheri knows firsthand the power of coaching to transform lives.

Jamee Tenzer, PCC

Jamee is an ICF Professional Certified Coach with a specialty in coaching executives, working mothers and women in the entertainment industry. She is a published writer, facilitator, trainer for the International Coach Academy, co-creator of the Deeper Conversations Coaching Course and Real Coaching Sessions Unplugged. Jamee has been in private coaching practice for 12 years and recently published the book, Balance Your Work and Family Life with Less Stress and More Fun! Jamee is passionate about working with women to find their unique path in life and then enjoy it to its fullest. To learn more about Jamee please visit:

Anne Kelly, PCC

Anne is a Leadership Development Specialist, Trainer, Facilitator, and Coach. She earned her PCC in 2010 and is one of ten Master Certified Inspired Learning Facilitators™ in the US. A trainer/facilitator since 1992, and a coach since 2004, Anne finds great joy and fulfillment when the worlds of coaching, facilitation, and training – intertwine!

Anne’s clients have included small business owners, individuals, and holistic entrepreneurs. Currently she provides executive coaching to senior level, federal employees. An active volunteer in her ICF Chapter, Anne facilitates quarterly CCEU-based coaching forums in her city. She also founded and facilitates a monthly discussion group focused on best practices in adult and childhood learning.

To learn more about Anne, please visit

Even if you don’t need to renew in 2015, get a head start and don’t miss out on this exciting tele-class designed just for you – the experienced coach.

For more information please email:

Prabha Chandrasekhar, MCC

Prabha Chandrasekhar brings her experience of the last 16 years as a Leadership Coach and Course Leader, with inviteCHANGE and International Coach Academy. As Course Leader one of her focus areas was to create a deeper understanding of the ICF Core Competencies and the ICF Code of Ethics. Prabha is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) credentialed by the ICF. Her Coaching certification was from the International Coach Academy.

Aligning with her passion to Coaching Prabha includes Mentor Coaching to her portfolio. She partners with other coaches who want to achieve their next level of credentials or want to take their Coaching to the next level.

Another hat that Prabha wears is that of a Leadership and Executive Coach associated with Coach in a Box. This role has provided the opportunity for Prabha to familiarize herself with several 360 and personality assessment tools.

What anchors Prabha to her coaching is the belief that every individual is unique and has the potential to achieve his or her goals. Walking with other Coaches to be their best and enabling leaders to tap into this potential and leveraging it to lead themselves and others is a driver for Prabha. The process she follows is a simple path, from awareness, clarity, alignment, action, to results.

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