Amoráh Ross, MCC

Amoráh RossAMORÁH ROSS, MASTER CERTIFIED COACH & CERTIFIED MENTOR COACH, launched her coaching practice in 1997 after more than 20 years in the field of human resources. A passionate champion of the human spirit and its innate potential, Amoráh brings a holistic and compassionate viewpoint to her students as well as to her coaching & mentor coaching clients. Truly a ‘coach’s coach,’ she adds an uplifting perspective and inspiration to coach training and ongoing professional development for coaching excellence. Amoráh served as a senior trainer within an ICF ACTP for 18 years and was that program’s Director of Training for 6 of those years. She actively serves the coaching profession as a member of the ICF Global Standards Core Team and since 2005 as an ICF PCC & MCC Credentialing Assessor. In recent years, she has served as Director of Programs, Education & Credentialing for the ICF Washington State chapter as well as 4+ years on the ICF Credentialing & Program Accreditation Committee.

As an undaunted champion of the human spirit, Amoráh is a pioneering leader in our profession as well as a passionate professional coach, mentor coach, and coach trainer. Before becoming a coach, she was a Human Resources Generalist & Trainer as well as a leader of heart-centered journeys around the world that connected humans, sacred sites and nature through meditation, play and sacred ritual. A natural teacher, she engages you with wry wit, heartfelt connection and playful authenticity.


In the depths of my soul I know I was born to be a coach; every day my clients inspire me with their courage and vulnerability, as we call each other forth in equal partnership within a sacred space of synergy. Another of my greatest passions is supporting other coaches as they bring more of their heart & soul into their coaching work and continuously expand their skills. I have a deep respect and ever-increasing admiration for the ICF Competencies as a solid framework for partnered exploration aimed at increasing self-awareness – they define a unique and profoundly effective discovery process that we’ve labeled ‘coaching’. I’ve experienced the sacred and powerful alchemy that’s created when magical reciprocity occurs between coach and client: ever greater levels of human potential are accessed and behavioral change is not only attainable, it’s also sustainable.

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